We Are Right Hardwood Flooring Experts Since 2001

Right Flooring offers a wide selection of Top Quality Wood Flooring as well as Professional Installation, Repair, Restoration and Refinishing of Hardwood Flooring in Austin, Texas

Our flooring technicians are real craftsmen, passionate about making your living space simply fabulous. We use only the highest quality tools for Dustless Sanding, Floor and Staircase Refinishing, and Repair. We also take special care to ensure a safe, clean and eco-friendly work environment.


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We love what we do, Dedicated to creating the highest-quality hardwood flooring in the world

Wood floor Installation

We understand that the right floor creates a foundation for the whole interior and we strive to create genuine hardwood

Floor Repair

How To Fix Squeaky Floors How-tos DIY. Cleaning Matters – Floor Care Catalogue. How To Fix A Squeaky Floor Fix A Squeaky Floorboard Yourself.

Dustless Floor

Having worked around wood and installing and finishing hardwood flooring for most my life, I had learned quite a few things aboutwood

Refinishing Floor

During the floor restoration and Refinishing process, we ensure to take special care to protect keep your home clean and dust-free.