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Wonder Tools: Unique Household Products

While commercials and advertisements may try to convince you otherwise, cleaning and tidying your home doesn’t mean you have to rely on the standard chemical sprays and cleaning wipes. You may not know it, but many of your typical household items can be used for unique fixes. Instead of investing in expensive and harsh chemicals, try these everyday household products to make your life simpler and more creative.

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Age Appropriate Household Chores for Children

Even at an early age, it’s common for children to want to be “helpers.” Although it may seem as if your children are creating more of a mess than they are “helping,” it’s important to build their confidence and allow them to establish independence as a contributor to the household.

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Time-Saving Tips to Keep Your Home Sparkling

When you have one child on your hip and another holding on to your leg, it’s quite a challenge to find time to mop the floors and keep the counters sparkling. Your time is valuable, and as a parent or nanny most of it is spent caring for the needs of your children.

It is possible, though, to keep your home in tip-top shape with time-saving tips that allow you to involve the kids in your daily cleaning routine.

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