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Sandra T.

So i used these guys while in South Austin under a different name.  I searched for them when I bought a house a month ago in Leander, but they did not come up.  I figured they did not go up that far north and it had been a couple of years so I did not have their contact details anymore.  Then I have a major issue with paint spray being sucked up through the intake and dispersed through my whole house via the ventilation system. (That would be another review).  I called several places who would not help me because of the risk of making things worse.  ServePro said to just replace everything.  That would be not just all of the furniture in my house, but the hardwood floors, carpet, rugs.  In my brand new has not even been completed for a month house.  I noticed I recognize the name of the main contact for Xtra Maid and give them a call.  Sure enough it is the same service I had before.  Gabriel came out on a Saturday to look things over and give an estimate.  We agreed upon limitations to make sure they did not make anything worse and a price, the ladies were out on Sunday with Gabriel explaining to them everything that we had discussed the day before.

4 women, and 8 hours later my house is immaculate.  Such a great job I even set them back up for weekly service.  Thank goodness they go out to Leander.

I was thinking about getting a maid from care.com who could charge hourly but also do laundry, dishes, maybe cook, but all I found there were people who lied about being smokers and people who left me waiting and had their phone disconnected.  I am very happy to have a clean house again and going forward.